Thursday, 22nd April 2021 – arrival of participants,

evening: walk to the Chęciny town and medieval castle

Friday, 23th April 2021 – scientific sessions

evening: meeting of the UIS Pseudokarst Commission

Saturday, 24th April – field scientific session (excursion): “Świętokrzyskie Mts. – geology, structural geomorphology, sandstone crags and non-karst caves”

Sunday, 25th April – half day excursion: “Świętokrzyskie Mts. – karst and consequence (anthropogenic) caves”,

departure of participants

Sunday-Wednesday, 25-28th April – post-conference excursion: “Pseudokarst and karst caves of the Beskidy Mountains and Pieniny Mountains” (starting after the Sunday excursion)

The program could be modified depending on number of presentations or participants.

The scientific sessions will be held in the traditional form, in the ECEG Chęciny, if such meetings will be legally allowed in the conference term. If they is not such permission, the scientific sessions will be held via internet.

During the scientific sessions lectures and posters will be presented. All themes connected with exploration, documentation and scientific – geological, geomorphological, biological, archaeological, historical (history of exploration), etc. – studies of non-karst caves, as well as similar pseudokarst landforms are welcome. The language of presentations is English, time length of presentations will depend on their number, but usually it is estimated at 15-20 minutes.