The Field Sessions will be held, if such meetings will be legally allowed in the conference term.

The main field session on Saturday will include visiting of several geo(morpho)logical sites of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains in which crags and non-karst caves occur (see: REGION and PICTURES). The caves are rather short, some of them are narrow but dry and not dirty. Therefore, part of them are easily accessible, while an entry to the others requires light and touristic clothes (typical cave coverall is not necessary for most of them). The access to some sites requires 1-2 km long walk in forest, so touristic shoes are necessary and cape/umbrella could be needed (depending on the weather).

The Thursday evening excursion to the Chęciny town and medieval castle (ca 3 hours) comprise sightseeing of the geological outcrops in the ECEG neighbourhood and then walk to the castle and town. Touristic shoes and possibly cape/umbrella (depending on a weather) could be needed.

The Sunday half-day excursion will include visits of historical mining fields (Miedzianka or Góra Żakowa) with open underground galleries/caves and then sightseeing of the Underground Touristic Trail in the Kadzielnia Hill (Kielce) and Geoeducational Centre in Wietrznia (Kielce) (see REGION and PICTURES). Touristic shoes and possibly cape/umbrella could be needed. In underground galleries light and hardhead is necessary.