Conference materials

During the scientific sessions lectures and posters will be presented. All themes connected with exploration, documentation and scientific (geological, geomorphological, biological, archaeological, historical, etc.) studies of non-karst caves, as well as similar pseudokarst landforms are welcome. The language of presentations is English, time length of presentations will depend on their number, but usually it is estimated at 15-20 minutes.

Abstracts (WORD files, up to 4 pages; Times New Roman 12pt, line spacing 1.5; figures as JPG files of high quality, scanned maps will not be accepted, except for historical materials) of oral and poster presentations, submitted as manuscripts and accepted by the Scientific Committee, will be published in the Symposium Materials (maybe in the form of Pseudokarst Newsletter no. 31.), that will also include the field session guidebook.

The geomorphological and geological materials presented during the scientific sessions will be published in the volume of Studia Quaternaria after normal reviewing procedure of manuscripts prepared according to this journal requirements and standards.