Karłów, 24-27th May 2023

Pseudokarst caves in present-day exploration and scientific research

Pseudokarst (non-karst) caves represent a great number of caves discovered, explored and studied currently and in the past. However, they are still undervalued in publications, presentations and media reports dedicated to cave exploration and research. Even in the International Year of Caves and Karst recently celebrated, “karst” was clearly called in its name, but we know that many caves are not karstic, only partly karstic, or their genesis is much more complex. Our contribution to the celebration of this Year was the 30th issue of the Pseudokarst Commission Newsletter (http://www.pseudokarst.com/ : Newsletter) that presented numerous examples of such caves occurring all over the world. How will non-karst caves be “perceived” after this Year? This problem and other similar topics will be subjects of discussion during the 14. International Symposium of Pseudokarst in the Sudetes, Poland.